Let’s Create Together

“Wanderer, there is no road; the road is made by walking” (Antonio Macado) Let’s create with the students TOGETHER a different way to think about education! Let’s let the students’ voice be heard…they hide priceless treasures.

Afroditi Rizou

I Have A Dream

Quality and equality in education, school networks, students technologically literate, mathematically competent and confident about the FUTURE, students ready to solve their problems with their own way, students ready to raise their voice on their education even if they cannot speak…Lets motivate our minds,lets boost our creativity,let passion guide us.

Kostas Vasileiou

Innovative Programme

Future Schools is an innovative programme which targets on the improvement of every school through the active role of its students. For me, is a chance to do my best as a teacher by listening students’ views on school life issues. We do not know what students expect from their school, just because we used to be students!

Antonia Psallida

A New Approach

By actively engaging students to think critically on their learning and school, a new approach is being proposed. Students and teachers have the opportunity to share insights for a better school and actually implement it.

Vasilis Symeonidis



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